About Us:

Our work Ethics, Values and Traditions:

With over 45 years in the industry, there’s one thing that we have learnt here at Costa Glass Works. And that is, “the customer is king,” the fact that we have people who were buying from us 40 years ago referring their grandchildren to us, says that good service passes the test of time!

“One customer well taken care of, is worth more than $10 000 worth of advertising” -Jim Rohn


A brief history of the Costas:

Joaquim Costa first started a company called Highway Glass in the early seventies. Later in 1978 and through expansion, the company that is now “Costa Glass Works” was started. His principles of business was service and to take care of the customers and their needs – always putting the customer first.

The 3 J’s:

  • Joaquim Costa:
    The man behind Costa Glass! Started in … Through his dedicated efforts to supply glass to the public at a reasonable price, Joaquim Costa was able to build a good reputation for  himself and his company through the belief that customers shouldn’t have to pay extra for good service. Low prices and the best service were the grounds upon which Costa Glass Works were built.


  • Jose Costa:
    These same principles have been passed onto his son, Jose Costa. Jose has been running the company for the past 20 years. Based on his good business ethics and taking care of customers, Costa Glass has continued to grow and to provide a top glass service to the private and building industry in Durban and the Kwa Zulu-Natal region.


  • Jess Costa:
    Newest to the business is Jess Costa, he has joined his father in the family business. He will be bringing a new aspect to the business, from a marketing and technology perspective. Helping to grow the family business.